Friday, 6 November 2015

Top 5 things that Diamond/ Challenger players fail in LOL

So, there are many people that say that Diamond/Challenger players can only play one lane and on some level that is mostly true because they prepare for heroes usually with simmilar characteristics and gameplay. So, if they are so good with some heroes on a certain lane, what do they actually fail at? I mean, they do have a higher understanding of the game more than other players. League of Legends is a very competitive game ( kind of nasty) so players tend to flame more than they play or consider themselves good because K/D/A eventhough the damage dealt is shitty. Diamond players are no exceptions and if you think, they flame in silver, wait till you get to Diamond.

So here it is, the 5 things Diamond/Challenger players fail at:

1. A different lane than his main one. I once saw a Challenger that was main mid who played adc and i can confirm that League of Legends had it's 3/10 surprise.

Another example is MissCoookiez who is used to play in 3 vs 3 and has a ranked team there placed in a high league, not sure if Diamond or Challenger. When she plays summoner rift as an adc it\'s the whole world makes you wonder how she reached that rank in Twisted Treeline. Her link is here on Twitch

2.A big problem with Diamonds is that they tend to flame more than silvers and also they tend to afk more. They have this idiotic ideea that by their standards if the game is lost, they have no reason to play it anymore so they leave the game or they afk. I guess is one of the reasons you hear Diamond players in League of Legends being oftenly banned or chat restricted. They just don'\t have the patience.

3. They don't know how to have fun. If you place a Diamond players in ARAM, he will type surrender if he doesn't like the odds or be in a military mode to try and win it. Shit son, League of Legends may be competitive but its not ALL competitive.

4.Superiority issues. Nobody says Diamonds and Challengers aren't good but sometimes they are just so fucking annoying. They expect everyone they encounter to play like them because they have reached a high standard but just don't realise that some are Silvers or Gold for a reason and still have a long way to go untill they reach that standard.

5.Hmm! Another thing they fail at is life. They spend so much time in the game that they forget to just go outside and have fun. Most of them stream but hey! There is a life outside League of legends and it\'s worth trying it also.

So those are my top 5.. like and follow if you like them :) ( Sounds like a load of bullshit xD )

Friday, 30 October 2015

Season 5 rewards in League of Legends

So, the end of the season 5 is coming so close... that close that we can almost touch it. Nope, it's still 12 days away because it actually ends on 11th November. The pros that i want to actually highlight because it does mark this season and Riot has managed to actually do something for the consumers are:

1. People can actually miss out on their season 5 rewards because of their bad behaviour in game. That is such great news because believe me, Riot, people are tired of flamers, toxic players and trolls. Basically, players that end the season with chat or ranked restrictions, can say bye bye to their rewards. ( in your face !!! yeah!!!)

2. Players actually get a chance to reform themselves so they can get back their rewards. Ok, so again i have to congratulate Riot for showing the players that they actually care of the gameplay and that they also want to change the behaviour of the bad players into something good. Sure, it might not work as intended or for all the players but at least, they are trying to come up with solutions to actually make the gameplay fun.

There are some players that are insanely outraged by these 2 rules but who gives a crap, really? Working out to reach a ladder doesn't always depend on winning games and honestly, it shouldn't. In the loading screen of a League of Legends game, it does say that players that flame tend to loose more games and it's quite true. When you have a toxic behaviour, the other players will be affected by it and will not play at their best level because of you. So yes, just because you won games doesn't mean you actually deserve Riot's  rewards. You still have your mmr and the fact that you actually finished in that league but since you don't care to follow the moral guidelines of the game, then why would you deserve the League of Legends rewards? Stop being a prick and assume your behaviour because even if you don't, Riot will still punish it.

Oh, seriously don't think Riot gives a flying crap about the outrage of OMG WTF players. ;)

Let's get down to more important buisiness like the rewards for example:

Bronze- get the icon ( c'mon guys, you can do more)
Silvers- icon, banner trim and loading screen border ( so close to the victorious skin)
Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger- icon, banner trim, loading screen border and VICTORIOUS SIVIR ( hype, hype, hype)

Also there is a new skin reward based on how many points you have while playing ranked teams so hurry up guys as the ward skin looks pretty, darn awesome! Check it out here on the League of Legends website

By the way, isn't this Victorious Sivir skin just delicious. Thank you League of Legends?

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Amumu Fail

Hey guys! How does it feel to have a jungler carry your game to the fail mode? Well, i'm gonna say that he sure taught me what not to do ;) Guys, beware of this Amumu! He carried hard!

This would actually fit if you ignored his farm...his assists and deaths. Maybe in another life, Amumu!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

League of Legends: Main support on damage, worth it or not?

We all know that there are some epic league of legends heroes that are supports but do a helluva lot damage if you build them ap or ad wise. While i agree that we can always have some fun doing that, the question is simple: Is it worth to have more damage dealt then your AD carry or AP Carry? League of legends gives you the opportunity to have builds directed towards AP but it also gives you suggestions of the items that you should have.

Ok, let's take it easy and analyze a bit a few situations where the support build is better than the ap build.
The support build on League of Legends heroes usually contain activable items that grant you the following: SighStone grants wards, Talisman of Ascension grants speed, Locket of the Iron Solari grants shield and magic resist to the champions around, Zeke's Harbringer grants increased crit strike, ability power for 8 seconds and Banner of Command that grants unit immunity to magic damage and stronger minions ( these are usually the more popular items).

Given that we have this information let's analyze an ap support or ad. First of all if the support goes ap/ad/tanky it will miss out on these great items that could keep an AD Carry or an AP Carry alive to deal more damage. What most supports don't understand is that building sighstone does take a lot of damage from your build and unless you're fed and want to finish the game quicker, there's no use to build ability power instead of support items. However you build your support with damage items he will never reach the damage that your AD Carry could have given if he has a few more seconds to live. At that point, he could have 300 damage with a critical chance of 30% and a critical damage of 800. Do the supports think that they can actually reach that damage with an already built sighstone? The only solution to reach that damage is to actually have a really long game as veigar support with a delayed damage.

I'm not saying that i don't like players that actually go damage supports. Not at all, though on the long run it is just not as usefull as a main support can be with sustain items for the carries. While League of Legends has built the heroes to actually have the power to kill the enemies, it does take a lot of the burst when you have an item that doesn't contribute.

So what do you guys think? Should you play the heroes as a sustain support or as a damage support?
Check this link for pro players to see their builds in the recent games.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tips for ADC in League of Legends

So, there is like a horde of fail players that just want to play adc and that have a chance to get better if they don't play ranked for their first time with a hero. I found some tips from a League of Legends player ( UberGiantsBro)  who is basically diamond and could probably rape our asses so easily but i'll just take out what i find most important. If you want to see all of them, just click here

Tip #01: When learning ADC (or Marksman if you're a hipster) focus on csing well first, you'll have plenty of time to learn the other skills.

Tip #04: Further more, if you see your opponent getting ready to harass you when you go for a cs you can surprise them by harassing them back instead of going for the cs.

Tip #07: Heavy pushing can be an effective strat as you force the enemy to last hit under the tower where you can more easily harass him/poke tower.

Tip #08: Don't rely on your support for map awareness.

Tip #09: Dorans blade is the most effective start on most ADC's, coupled with a couple lifesteal quints you generally have enough sustain to survive the early game.

Tip #61: If there is a big wave pushing towards your turret try to trim it safely, you don't want to engage near the big stack of minions (especially early) and you want to leave as few last hits as possible for when it hits the turret.

Tip #62: In teamfights you should be focusing the most valuable target within range that you can target safely. This sentence alone should guide you for how you broadly want to play a teamfight as an ADC
 Tip #67: Experiment with your ADCs - be diverse with your builds and with your champions so that you can experience ALL the matchups and get to know what works best in what scenario.

Tip #68: Be critical of yourself. Don't blame your support when you get ganked or when you die in a teamfight. There is almost ALWAYS something you could have done better. Learn. To. Be. Critical.

Basically, start learning newbies because the game ain't gonna win itself !

Monday, 26 October 2015

How to not fail in LoL Rankeds

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Here are a few tips of what you can actually do to improve your gameplay and not fail on your lane drastically.

1.Ignore the chat because most of the League of Legends kids only flame or distract others using the chat.

2.If you see a lane feeding, you can either ignore it or actually help it and proove to yourself or other League of Legends players that you have teamplay.

3.Don't expect others to be the brightest players in League of Legends, expect the worst from them and do your best.

4.Stop blaming and flaming because that literally gets you nowhere! Flaming can make the certain players leave and as much as you would love to think you're better off 4 vs 5, you're not! Also, flaming has never had positive results and it will never make the certain players you flame, play better. What do you actually want? For them to play better or keep loosing your game?

5. When in lobby, think about the others also and if someone says 4 lanes then don't leave him the lane he doesn't play. Teamwork doesn't always constitute in the game itself but also in the lobby and making someone play a lane he doesn't kiss well with, it's irresponsible and it increases your chances to loose the game.

6. Always farm like a maniac because even if your oppponent manages to kill you, you can still be in front of him by having 20+ farm over. Usually silver players and bronze don't get this farmin ideea and fail miserably at it.

7.If you're underfed, try to get as many assists as possible. Any League of Legends player has undoubtedly came across being underfed compared to everyone at some point but the best trick is to stay defensive ( if you're adc or apc) and just try to get as many assists as possible or steal kills.

8. Try not to feed. Like, not feed at all even if you can't farm on the lane. Try to get as less deaths as possible in the game because can catch up with farm easily but it's harder to catch up with a fed player.

9. In case of Smurfs, try to seriously have as much teamplay as you can. Smurfs get cocky while smurfing and do a lot of mistakes like going along. That's the perfect opportunity to gang bang him and shut him down.

10. There's always this problem when a player in your team goes solo and stays solo all the game. Best thing you can do is follow him and encourage your teammates to follow him. If he wont come to you then all of you will come to him.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

October fails!!

Look what we have. Top 5 League of Legends, October fails ! Actually it's only one of them... bet i can find more!

Hey look! I found more! Thank You league of Legends!